In Her Cherished Heart 2016

Why this conference?

Now more than ever, so many women in the Church are asking themselves:

  • What does Catholicism have to offer me?
  • Is there a place for me in the Church?
  • What does it mean to be a modern-day Catholic woman?

For such a time as this, In Her Cherished Heart biennial Conference in Springfield, IL was born!


  • Affirmed women in their dignity as daughters of God
  • Educated them about the gifts God has given them as women (Mulieris DignitatemTheology of the Body)
  • Encouraged them to live their mission of spiritual/physical motherhood in their families, the Church, and society

We explored our dignity as daughters of God, the 4 gifts in the heart of every woman, and the mission of women in the family, Church, and the world.



IHCH 2016 seeks to expand on the feminine gift of GENEROSITY that we learned about at IHCH 2014. Presenter Lisa Hendey will share 8 virtues to help women in all walks and stages of life live out a generous YES to God’s will each day. “Giving ourselves generously and with integrity means being ready to bloom where we are planted and to not be choked out by thorns, withered by drought, or trampled underfoot as we reach for the light. We are called to live our yes in the world as we find it and to speak our yes to that waiting world.” ~ Lisa Hendey, The Grace of Yes: 8 Virtues for Generous Living.

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